Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, Emmanuel Institute of Leadership has come into being to offer hope and healing to our students, our immediate community and the world at large. At the foundation, Emmanuel Institute of Leadership sees each student as a unique individual created in the image of the Living God.


Emmanuel Institute of Leadership offers a two-year integrative academic and practicum program. We are dedicated to establishing an academic learning community in harmony with the nature and presence of Jesus.


Our philosophy of education is centered in integrative academic excellence. The integration invites the students to bring and expand upon their experiences by equipping them with practical skills where the students will apply their learning. The academic excellence component places a high priority in teaching with the context of excellent scholarship and research.


We value life-long learning, and the development of critical thinking, reflection, analysis, and communication skills will produce in students a greater respect for the environment and humankind. The goal of Emmanuel Institute of Leadership is to educate students to be citizens of the world as followers of Jesus.