Students will be instructed to strengthen their own personal faith journey through the worship and activities offered throughout the school year. Emmanuel Institute of Leadership desires that students regularly attend worship services at the church of their choice. At the foundation of Emmanuel Institute of Leadership is the principle of integration. We see each student as a unique individual created in the image of the Living God. This unique creation is an integral part of the work of Jesus in the world. The students' spiritual lives will direct their activities and studies in life. The students' spiritual lives will also direct their activities, studies, relationships and work; therefore strengthening the students' faith journey, enabling them to become citizens of the world as followers of Jesus.



Celebrating Truth Assembly is a time set apart for the student body, faculty and staff to experience various forms of worship, hear from a variety of speakers and artists, and thus broaden their world and enhance their learning in the classroom. Students will be expected to participate in Celebrating Truth Assembly on days they are attending classes. Celebrating Truth Assembly will be held in the Celebration Room of Emmanuel's House or at the Reading Campus.



At least once during the student's school year at Emmanuel Institute of Leadership, there will be an Encounter with God. This is an overnight, spiritual growth event from a Friday afternoon until a Saturday evening that will challenge, strengthen and empower the student on their journey with Jesus. We encourage the students to participate in this spiritual experience with God.